Judy Fitzgerald, Claci Miller, and Cynthia Collins in the Georgia Ensemble Theatre production of Sisters of Swing

Photos from Stoneham Theater (MA), April-May 2008


Photos from Foothills Theatre (MA), January-February 2008

Photos: Left - Bridget Beirne as Maxine, Sarah Corey as Patty, and Amy Barker as Laverne.

Right - Bridget Beirne as Maxine, Amy Barker as Laverne, Steve Gagliastro as Bing Crosby, and Sarah Corey as Patty.

Photos from Actors Theatre of Indiana, Zionsville Performing Arts Center (IN), July 2006

photos: (top left, l to r) Hugh Adams (Soldier), Judy Fitzgerald (LaVerne), Claci Miller (Patty), Cynthia Collins (Maxene); (top right, l to r) Cynthia Collins (Maxene), Claci Miller (Patty), Hugh Adams (Carmen), Judy Fitzgerald (LaVerne); (bottom, l to r) Cynthia Collins (Maxene), Claci Miller (Patty), Judy Fitzgerald (LaVerne). Photos by Chuck Tedder.

Photos from Blowing Rock Stage (NC), June 2006

photos (left to right): Terrell Hardcastle, Nicole Fenstadt, Kim Kozort, and Stephanie Wahl as Danny Kaye, Patty, Maxene, and LaVerne; Kim Kozort as Patty.

Photos from Galveston Island Musicals, Granbury Opera House (TX), March 2006

all photos: Melissa D'Amico as Patty, Zanna Fredland as Maxene, and Stacie May Hassler as LaVerne.

Photos from Florida Stage (FLA), Summer 2005

Right: Marybeth Graham, Jennifer Swiderski, and Irene Adjan as LaVerne, Patty, and Maxene Andrews; Left: Adjan, Graham, Terrell Hardcastle (as Bing Crosby), and Swiderski. All photos by Bruce Bennett.

Photos from Great American History Theatre (MN), 2002, 2003

photo (clockwise from left): Christina Baldwin as Patty, Norah Long as LaVerne, and Jennifer Baldwin Peden as Maxene.


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